Wizer CTF 2024 All Challenges image

Wizer CTF 2024 All Challenges

Date: 08/02/2024

Last week I was able to participate at a wonderful CTF organized over at Wizer. This CTF consisted of 6 web challenges in varying difficulty where participants were challenged to a Blitz speed-hacking competition of who can solve the most in 6 hours very generous prizes for the top 3....

Reading Time: 23 minutes

CCSC 2023 Forgotten Classes image

CCSC 2023 Forgotten Classes

Date: 16/07/2023

This is an old API for a classroom application that is no longer used due to the AI takeover. Inside information states the API is still available and is connected to the AIs internal infrastructure. Can you can hack it and read any hidden secrets on the root / path of the server?...

Reading Time: 5 minutes