CCSC 2022 image

CCSC 2022

Date: 17/05/2022

CCSC (Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge) is a yearly competition, where hackers from all around Cyprus, compete in a 15-day time period. The top 10 players (5 seniors(21-25) and 5 juniors(14-20)) would qualify to represent Cyprus at the ECSC (European Cyber Security Challenge) in Austria...

Reading Time: 10 minutes

CCSC 2023 Shellhunting image

CCSC 2023 Shellhunting

Date: 21/07/2023

One of the generals of the AI-sponsored government left his house unlocked while he was going to the beach. Ava spotted the powered on computer, and managed to intercept the traffic from an unknown application....

Reading Time: 5 minutes